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From formal events to work shouts, boardroom meetings, morning/afternoon teas and dinners

Formal Corporate Events POA

Launching a new product? Opening a new building? Got some politicians coming? Inspiring overseas guests? Whatever the reason for your event, we have the right menu, right gear and the right staff to take care of it. 

Event example: I was asked to do a breakfast for the then incumbent John Key who later became Prime Minister. I really wanted to impress him and the crowd, so I came up with this idea of some Naki Jandals with Helen Clark's name on them, because she used to call John a flip flopper! Thankfully for me he took it on the chin and the crowd roared with laughter.

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Work Shouts POA from as little as $10 per person

Your staff are your greatest asset. We can come to your workplace and knock out a feed that will keep favour between management and employees. Doesn't have to cost a lot - we can cook up a storm from as little as $10pp! May it take place at your workplace, or you may like to shout them out to the Puekura Raceway. We have affordable food and refreshment packages available and they won't be going home hungry!

Event example: about the fourth year in business we served 750 people in Waitara for Americarna. The meal took just on 35mins to completion. At one stage I looked up and saw the queue, I felt this nervous knot in my stomach, so I took a deep breath and sped up. We were carving Barrons of Beef by hand. For the next two days, I couldn't raise my arm up past my shoulder. Great times!

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